The Opendata portal of the province of Badajoz is an initiative of the Diputación Provincial de Badajoz to make public its data and documents in the interest of citizens and companies. The project aims to promote the making available to society of municipal data in reusable formats for the development of the information society, to promote transparency and democratic participation, and for companies to generate wealth and employment using these public data to develop applications. The portal is characterized by offering data sets in Open Linked Data, with the highest level of 5-star reuse, recommended by W3C.

Opening of municipal public data

The main objective of this project for the Reuse of Public Sector Information (RISP) is to enhance the public availability of data held by Public Administrations, which are of interest to citizens and the infomediary sector , through the implementation of a strategy and an Opendata portal, improving transparency and enabling the generation of value through the development of new services based on them. As a result, the data platform allows:

  • To the citizen, search and visualize the information you need.
  • To a developer, access the data for reuse.
  • To the local entity, generate webs and analytics in a simple way about its data infrastructure.

As a premise in this project, each of the data sets of the portal will be offered following the recommendations of the W3C, as well as the regional and state regulations in order to obtain the maximum levels of reuse, using for them open formats of representation.

Technology used

The open data portal of the Diputación de Badajoz (https://datosabiertos.dip-badajoz.es) has been developed using open source tools. The SPARQL point and the semantic database are supported by the semantic server Virtuoso Opensource, version 6.01. The resources, identified by their URIs, are returned in RDF through an application of their own.

The architecture of the web is based on CKAN, a specific platform for the storage and dissemination of open data supported by the Open Knowledge Foundation.